Welcome to the Koolie Club

The spelling of the name Koolie has come under some discussion, at the inaugural meeting in April 2000 it was discussed at some length. Obviously if the club was to be set up properly one spelling would have to be used to run a bank account, be on letterhead and be registered for incorporation. 


It was decided that the majority of people seemed to use Coolie or Koolie but the use of Koolie would set the breed apart for those unfamiliar with the breed when Coolie and Collie were so easily confused.  Members are welcome to use whatever they like but in relation to the club and registrations Koolie would give consistency and cause less confusion.




In the past the breed has often been called German Koolie or German Coolie or even German Collie, in recent years this has evolved to Australian Koolie as the breed evolved here in Australia and is not known in Germany. Research into the origins of the breed is ongoing but it seems that the name evolved from wording like "the German's Koolie" as there were certainly German working dogs bought with German settlers in the mid 1800's. The breed most like the Koolie that is active in Germany is the Tigér which is a working dog known mainly to the Agricultural world there, like the Koolie is here. It is interesting to note that the German language does not have an equivalent to our "C" and uses "K" for all of our uses of "C"