Welcome to the Koolie Club

The founding club members were adamant that the club was set up legally and ethically correct, so they took out insurance immediately and undertook Incorporation of the club.  This means the club is set up legally under guidelines set out by Consumer Affairs, it reports annually of its financial status and is legally obliged to conduct its affairs in an open and honest manner.  Members are updated regularly on the financial status of the club with full financial reports available for viewing at Annual Meetings.  Incorporation guarantees that members are not liable for the results of mismanagement or the winding up of the club if it becomes insolvent. 
A committee is elected each year with a minimum of 8 members to manage club affairs.  The committee is happy to discuss ideas put forward by members on the running of the club but will always put the benefits to the club and the majority of members ahead of a few. Nominations are called for committee in April each year for election at the Annual Meeting held in July.  All are welcome to nominate for a committee position and we welcome the diverse backgrounds our committee members have.  The committee currently consists of farmers, companion dog owners and members of the obedience and agility fraternity giving us a broad base of interests.
The club has no paid employees and is run wholy on volunteer time, for this reason sometimes patience is asked when waiting for answers or items to be processed, our committee are also working jobs, running businesses and families like yourselves. But this also gives us the ability to personalize our contact with you, deal with problems or questions you may have in a one on one basis and also allows us to keep our membership and registration fees very low. Our fees have not increased since the inception of the club meaning everyone can afford to be members.