Hi, I am Liz & my husband Joe, we have 2 stunningly gorgeous DEAF koolies (deliberately taken & knowing they were deaf). Shep - 8mths & Angel 4mths whose registrations should be happening now.

Shep's colouring is unreal & he should not be deaf, but is & Angel is 95% white & that said deaf.

I realise that deaf dogs are harder for breeders to place, BUT I consider them to be smarter than a hearing koolie & Shep & Angel have proved that to me e.g. Shep learnt to play fetch from seeing a lady warm her dog up for the herding ring (10minutes), I only had to teach him to release the toy, Angel watched Shep for the first 24hrs we had her & has ever since played fetch & released the toy. Shep also loves to play fetch in the dark, he tracks the ball or fetch toy to bring it back. I have also watched Shep herd in tandem with another koolie to keep Angel from getting to me - he has never been trained to herd. The other koolie was a rescue off a farm & had had herding training & they worked together for 10mins before I jumped in to get Angel (she was 9 weeks & only 12hrs with us) as she was getting distressed.

Also I would love to see some info re deaf koolies on the web sites & do not mind having people contact me re a deaf dog, as I consider them to be MUCH more loving & very much more tuned to their owners & definitely very feely/touch dogs. Ours just love to snuggle up in bed early of a morning for a cuddle with us before it is time to get up & go for a walk.

Liz & Joe with Shep & Angel