Full Koolie Profile DNA profile, all diseases and traits $135


Koolie Disease Screen (diseases most likely to effect a Koolie) $65

DNA profile Your dogs own gene fingerprint Every dog has it's own distinct set of genes. Can be used to identify dogs, prove parentage or check if potential mates are closely related.

DGMY Degenerative Myelopathy Progressive disease of the spinal cord in older dogs causing loss of use of the rear limbs.

IVMY Ivermectin Sensitivity MDR1 Multidrug resistance, including antiparastic agents like Ivermectin and antidiarrheal Imodeium.

PLLX Primary Lens Luxation Lens is partially or fully dislocated from the threads holding it in position in the eye.

PRA Progressive Retinal Atrophy Disease of the retina where the rod cells die causing blindness.

PRCD Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration of the retina causing progressive vision loss.

NCL Border Collie Pathological degenerative changes occur in the central nervous system resulting in neurological impairment and early death.

Long Hair Gene Long hair is recessive so short coat dogs can pass the gene on without knowing it is present when bred to another dog also hiding the gene.

Natural Bob Tail A dominant gene that can be variable with nearly full length tails while others may have virtually no tail. It's possible two copies of the gene is lethal in utero. This could cause two carriers to produce 25% affect offspring thus reduced litter size.


Koolie Colour Trait Screen $45

Dilute A mutation on the gene responsible for melanin containing genes causing improper distribution and washed out colour.

A Locus Agouti which includes Sable which will hide merle so making it difficult to know you are not breeding merle to merle. Plus black & tan and brown points.

K Locus Relates to dominant black, brindling and can mask other colours such as Agouti

B Locus Brown, Liver, Chocolate, Red

E Locus Recessive red, an affected dog is unable to produce black in its coat. Eyes and nose are unaffected so can still have a black nose.

Em Locus Masked black on the muzzle and ears sometimes spreading to black tipping on the chest an/or back.


Koolie Disease Plus $45

Dilution alopecia Causes gradual onset of dry, dull brittle and poor quality hair. Hair shafts break and regrowth is poor, resulting in progressive, partial, patchy alopecia and stubble. Chronic cases can include scaling and secondary bacterial infections.

Spotting Gene Creates the white areas most often socks, chest, tail tip, collar etc. Also known as Irish Trim.

CMR1 Canine Multifocal Retinopathy Causes raised lesions to form on the retina altering the appearance of the eye.

CHYP Canine Hypercurosuria Causes production of high levels of uric acid in urine, can lead to bladder stones and less frequently kidney stones.

TNS Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome. An immune deficiency where bone marrow neutrophils are not released into the bloodstream.

Symptoms include puppies failing to thrive.

Merle (when available, check before testing) Coat pattern (not colour) that can cause blindness and deafness with two copies.

Cobalamin Malabsorption Failure to absorb Vitamin B12 from the intestine.

Symptoms include Anorexia, Lethargy and failure to gain weight.

Combined Testing of Koolie Disease & Disease Plus $95

Combined Testing of Koolie Trait & Disease Plus $95


Collecting Samples

Samples collected by an Authorised Collection Agent (including Vets) who records a micro chip number at collection, will be recognised in the Breed Register. Samples collected by the owner are for personal use only and should not be publicised.



Koolies with a Full Koolie Profile test will have the registration number appended with H



For more information and contact information for KCA Authorised Collectors contact the REGISTRAR This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0354837500