Here we hope to offer you some advise on training your koolie dogs. Be aware that koolies are extremely active (physically and mentally) dogs which are a working or herding breed. They have been bred over more than 150 years to work stock.  It takes an extremely active and intelligent dog to be able to work long hours sometimes for days at a time, in all kinds of conditions, not stopping for rest or relaxation until the job at hand is done. These dogs are mentally capable of working out for themselves what job needs to be done, then going on and doing it before needing to be commanded, things like finding fly blown sheep in a mob and cutting them out  and holding them for treatment or collecting a working horse when told which one by name, proves that their mental needs are a lot more than basic sit stay commands and they need regular interaction (more than once a day pat with the feed bowl).

As a working dog koolies are seen as indispensable by farmers, truckies, drovers, stock agents and station hands alike once they have worked with them for a short while.  Many people who have used other breeds all their lives, once trying a koolie will never go back.  It is fair to say a koolie chooses to work beside you, because if he does something to make you happy he is happy himself.  This will see koolies working long hard days mustering in yard or paddock not leaving his masters side until the job is done or his master has a break.  They are proficient workers of sheep, beef cattle, dairy cattle, bulls, goats, deer, horses, calves and lambs.  Many will work more than one type of stock adjusting their style to the stock at hand, prepared to stand tall against beef weaners or bulls, but work gently behind dairy cows, ready to nip and push up stubborn calves or able to work off lambs using their own presence to manoeuvre the stock where they want. They will also back sheep.


As a companion dog a well trained koolie will become a treasured member of your family.  No training or mental stimulation, will give his instincts free rein and see your koolie become bored, frustrated and probably take over your family's happiness, your garden and your sanity. Because he will not see you as a leader, he will take the job on himself and train you very well.  Koolies can live very well in the companionship of other household pets once trained in respect of their manners to that pet, if not given the boundaries required he will attempt to make his own.


Because koolies are extremely active dogs they are good companions for active people, joggers, walkers, bike riders horse riders, but just tiring your dog out dogs not compensate for good training and interaction.


As an agility or obedience dog koolies do extremely well as long as they are given challenges. Repetitive exercises that are basic commands soon become almost an offence to a koolie.  They will quickly ask "why am I still doing this" then go on to "do it yourself if it's so important, I have better things to do".  But given a variety of exercises, some challenges and fun koolies usually will excel at all sorts of dog sports, including agility, obedience, flyball, tracking, dancing, therapy work, rescue and even as sniffer



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