Karyn Turnbull



Karyn has been playing with Koolies since discovering the breed 4 years ago. Karyn owns two Koolies who do a variety of sports from recreational herding, Treibball, Nose Works, Lure Coursing and running free on the beach in the early morning rounding up seaguls.

Karyn has assisted Koolie Rescue with the rehoming of two Koolies who she still sees now and then.

Karyn is keen on promoting the breed and will generally always be seen at Club events, Club displays and demonstrations with her two Koolies in the sports she and they play. Karyn is dedicated to the preservation of the Koolie breed and the responsible ownership of such a sound breed.

‘Koolies Nose’, Karyn’s two Koolies  in 2016 demonstrated the versatility of this breed when her ‘Silhouette’ Luca male dog successfully located an 85gm truffle on a farm in SE NSW becoming a World first Australian Koolie to do such. Luca and Kyra followed up with further finds in VIC of black and white Truffle finds over the season.



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