Danny Ruben
03 8317-8558


Danny first came across Koolies 25 years ago when one of his friends got his pup.
Later when the opportunity arose, Danny and his wife Cherie purchased two Koolie puppies, Otto and Heidi
who are featured in some photos on the website. Currently they have 3 Koolies; Molly who is a ten year old adoption,
Eva who is seven years old and Zinger who is four years old. Molly loves playing ball in the off lead area behind their house
as well as rounding up sheep when she gets the opportunity, Eva loves rounding up Molly when Molly plays ball and Zinger
looks after them.
Danny currently supports a number of accounting packages for a local company. One of these packages is used for the Koolie club's accounts.
Danny is an inaugural committee member originally being our treasurer and public officer. Currently he also holds the public officer position and is a member of the IT sub-committee.  His contribution to the setting up of the club has always been greatly appreciated particularly by his fellow committee members.  His work on incorporation of the club, organization of the constitution and rules and his interaction with Consumer Affairs and our bankers have been invaluable.
Danny also kindly donated the space, designed and created the club's first webpage which has evolved into our current site.
He is always actively involved in any activities we have at meetings and can always be seen snapping photos or engaging some other gadget that he is famous for.
Lastly but by no means least, is his prowess with the barbeque, which is greatly appreciated by all at every meeting.



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