John McDowall
John McDowall
John is a member of the I.T. subcommittee.
John and Robyn have owned koolies since 1992, their first was a Silhouette koolie named Patch.  John has owned koolies in the mid 1980's also.  They currently own 3 koolies, Sally from Frank Kelm, Snowy from Tjukurpa and Brandy from Silhouette (a great grand niece of Patch).
John has also owned in the past Australian Cattle Dogs - all reds, Banner Court bloodlines, which he used on his property in Greendale Victoria in the early 80's.  In the 70's & 80's he owned a koolie while he worked as a contract Slaughterman and came across them working cattle and sheep while working at Tendercut Meatworks, Thomas Borthwick & Sons, PEM Nominees Vic., Daylesford, Pakenham & Kyneton, Ralph's City abattoirs, Angliss and Bunyip meatworks over a 15 year period.  He has been associated with working dogs over the last 35 years.
While Robyn was young her father was a caretaker of a 360 acre property in St.Arnaud Vic. where they ran sheep and owned kelpies.
She later worked on a 480 acre property in Queensland with Border Collies and Kelpie crosses.
John has over 20 years experience in Local Government and is currently Parks Officer Arborist/Horticulture, Conservation and Maintenance. He has also worked part time with Unix/Linux/Windows Operating systems. John is a great supporter of GNU/Linux distributions John has also provided his time working with Linux Tech support/repairs and Server/Web Administration for 15 years.
John, with the assistance of our first honorary member in America, until recently provided the club with website space, the Koolie Forum and administration of both, which have given our members and friends unprecedented quality of presence and communication on the internet.