Club Rules <Rules.pdf>
Club Constitution <Constitution.pdf>
Passed 10 October 2003 / Updated February 2008
Code of Ethics <Code.pdf>
Guidelines for Registration of your Koolie <RegoGuide>
Schedule of Fees <Schedule of Fees>
Dog registration (see Guidelines above) <DogRego>
Litter registration (see Guidelines above) <Litter Notification form>  <Litter Notification PDF>
Puppy registration (see Guidelines above) <Puppy Registration>
Transfer Form (see Guidelines above) <Transfer Form>
Postal vote <vote.pdf>
Sporting Register Forms
Please note: To register on state Sporting Registers you must be a member of the state body as well as have your dog registered with the Koolie Club of Australia (which requires membership to register) or another working dog group accepted to the sporting registers.
Dogs Victoria application for registration in the Sporting Register <VCASporting Reg App.pdf>
Dogs NSW application for registration in the Sporting Register <RNSWCC Sporting Reg App.pdf>