As you can see from the photo we own two of Australia's working breeds and treat them accordingly. Life is tough in our household.
When looking for a new dog I thought that getting a second Kelpie would show that I was mad so I thought a short haired
border collie would be good. When I saw a picture of this cute pup with one blue eye – a border / koolie cross I was hooked and just had to have her. The litter came from a property near Tamworth from working parents and I thought she would be great as I was looking for a dog to do agility with.
Having always owned working dogs I thought, 'What could be difficult about owning a Koolie?"
I can hear you laughing as I tell you we went straight from puppy hood to delinquency. Our job in life at agility is to keep
people entertained and make them feel in control of their dogs as Ash flies around the course, or the park or catches and nips me.
We are now facing our greatest challenge as Ash broke her leg last week. She ran into another dog when having a game after training and now has a plate in her front right leg. Now all we need to do is keep her quiet for the next 8 weeks. A walk of only one or two houses is what the vet suggested. This won't be too much trouble as she is 13 months old and is used to 5 km runs every day.
We brought her home tonight and settled her in then quietly let her go. She immediately ran straight down the spiral stairs to greet the boys, luckily only on 3 legs and then ran madly back upstairs. This is not going to be fun!!!
Stay tuned, Wendy
Any ideas to survive the next few weeks?
Update: December 2007
Have been meaning to tell you that she recovered well and is about to start trialling in obedience. I have trained dogs before but she is the best heeler. She has no worries about her leg at all. We also do agility and she is good at it. I still don't know my left from my right so we are not competing yet. She loves all training and is so fast and clever. She needs to live a long time to pay off the $4000 she cost to get her leg fixed. The photo shows her when she put her head into a jar that I had recently had tadpoles in. I think she liked the smell. She came into the house like that because she couldn't get the jar off.