I am blessed to have the most perfect companion. Her name is Capertee and she is
my devotion. Everything I do has to involve her in some way. I miss her when I
have to go to work, I miss her when I am away from home.

She loves taking drives in the car, especially on Sundays when we go to my
parents place "poppy's". I just have to say "we going to Poppy's?" and she's
first to the car waiting for the door to be opened. Spurring me on if I don't go
to the car straight away.

Favourite toy - the pull rope. She's had this rope for a few years now
and it is so ratted and frayed, but she loves it. Cape brings it to me to toss
for her, loves catching. Jumps high.

She is my best friend, and I love her so much. Be lost without her.