The night before Christmas Eve (23rd) I had 2 hours warning – to go into Hospital for a sleep test.

My left lung is paralysed and the right lung is packing up as well – and there is the concern that awful things can happen at night.

Well – awful things did happen at night at the hospital – more so than they do at home (at least that I am aware of) and it was at the hospital that I realised that Sisko is the one stopping these bad things from happening – literally.

Ever since I got ill with my lungs (August) he has refused to leave my side – even when I tell him off for coming with me (we have not been able to train since August).

At night because of a right shoulder operation I turn on my left to go to sleep. Immediately I do so – he gets up and places himself rock solid with his back into my shoulder plates and his head on my pillow.  I used to think it was just cuddling.

Now I realise that he is physically stopping me from turning onto my back – and I do have rather nasty turns once I get on my back – on my side those turns are very much lighter – almost at times not very noticeable.

So – young Sisko is a hero in many ways and most of all in a way that cannot be trained – instinctively he is helping me.

I always wondered why he stays there – because I do bump him etc – and when I need to sleep on my other side I am forced to actually wake up – lift myself off the bed and then turn square onto my right shoulder – but there is no room to turn onto my back from there so to move I have to again lift up totally and turn
square onto my left again – and there he is still holding me up.

He does not move until I say "OK move" so that I can get up – then he jumps off the bed – but if I cheat and stay there – he comes right back up.

It was always clear that we were meant to be together – him (until 4 months of age) not being eager to meet others etc until I finally decided maybe I should risk
growing my family and coming to get him sight unseen – my making that decision – him immediately turning into Mr Social – no hint of his aloofness – I would
never have known if I had not been told.

Then we had the time to bond (12 months) – now the illness.  It cannot be cured – if we can finally manage to stop it from getting worse – then I can work on making the best of it.  I have to give up most of my activities – but Sisko extremely surprisingly is adjusting to doing as little or as much as I can cope with.

Sisko is truly a totally fantastic dog in so many different ways.


"She won't come to you" my friend Enid said as I informed her that one of her German Koolies had just chased her husband's car down the road,  "I had better come with you as she is wary of strangers".  So Enid and I jumped in my little car and sped after the runaway dog.  I pulled along side of the little blue merle
bitch and called "Here Sparky" and she jumped straight onto my lap.  Enid and Ken said as soon as I found a place of my own I could have her and from that day
on I was in love with the Koolie Breed.

When Sparky was about 6 years of age she actually drowned in our dam.  It was the middle of summer and my husband and I had been at work all day.  Scott, an ambulance officer, had got home before me and let the dogs off their chains.  Sparky ran straight down to the dam, as she always did, for a swim.  Scott thought it was unusual as Sparky was really thrashing about and her idea of a swim is dip your toes in and get out.  Then Scott noticed she had disappeared completely.  Racing down he jumped straight in and reaching under the surface found her.  Lifting Sparky up he noticed she was blue around the muzzle and was not breathing though he could feel her heart racing.  He ran up to the car with her head down draining the fluid from her lungs and giving a few breaths into her mouth and
nose. As they reached the car she had started breathing again so he put her in the passenger side and raced her to the vets. At the vet clinic they couldn't believe that a dog had actually drowned until she threw up all over their counter.  Sparky was put on a drip for 24 hours and recovered completely.  She was pretty well known around Singleton after that and even appeared on our local news channel.

She was very athletic and could jump up on a horse and sit on the front of the saddle when she'd had enough of walking.  When our daughter was born Sparky became her constant companion.  Where Lily was you would always find Sparky.

Sparky lived to a ripe old age of 15 when she succumbed to bladder cancer.  Our family has many happy memories of this wonderful dog and how she won our hearts and got us hooked on the Koolie breed.

Thank you for letting me share this story with you.

If you can start the day without caffeine or pep pills,

If you can be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,

If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,

If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it,

If you can understand when loved ones are too busy to give you time,

If you can overlook people accusing you when you are not guilty,

If you can take criticism and blame without resentment,

If you can face the world without lies and deceit,

If you can conquer tension without medical help,

If you can relax without liquor,

If you can sleep without the aid of drugs,

If you can do all these things...

Then you are probably the family dog.


Cry not for me ,

For I am content

At peace, at rest,


Miss me please,

For I will miss you

The ear rubs, cuddles, games and walks,

All are with me for eternity.

Speak of me often,

Words help to heal,

Memories stay with you forever

And laughter will help you understand.

Remember me well,

For photographs fade with light

Yet snapshots of your mind remain forever today.

I was but a small part of your life

But you were my life,

All I did was for you and with you.

Now I ask you remember me

With a knowing smile

And I will wait for you forever

At the rainbow bridge.


I am blessed to have the most perfect companion. Her name is Capertee and she is
my devotion. Everything I do has to involve her in some way. I miss her when I
have to go to work, I miss her when I am away from home.

She loves taking drives in the car, especially on Sundays when we go to my
parents place "poppy's". I just have to say "we going to Poppy's?" and she's
first to the car waiting for the door to be opened. Spurring me on if I don't go
to the car straight away.

Favourite toy - the pull rope. She's had this rope for a few years now
and it is so ratted and frayed, but she loves it. Cape brings it to me to toss
for her, loves catching. Jumps high.

She is my best friend, and I love her so much. Be lost without her.

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