"She won't come to you" my friend Enid said as I informed her that one of her German Koolies had just chased her husband's car down the road,  "I had better come with you as she is wary of strangers".  So Enid and I jumped in my little car and sped after the runaway dog.  I pulled along side of the little blue merle
bitch and called "Here Sparky" and she jumped straight onto my lap.  Enid and Ken said as soon as I found a place of my own I could have her and from that day
on I was in love with the Koolie Breed.

When Sparky was about 6 years of age she actually drowned in our dam.  It was the middle of summer and my husband and I had been at work all day.  Scott, an ambulance officer, had got home before me and let the dogs off their chains.  Sparky ran straight down to the dam, as she always did, for a swim.  Scott thought it was unusual as Sparky was really thrashing about and her idea of a swim is dip your toes in and get out.  Then Scott noticed she had disappeared completely.  Racing down he jumped straight in and reaching under the surface found her.  Lifting Sparky up he noticed she was blue around the muzzle and was not breathing though he could feel her heart racing.  He ran up to the car with her head down draining the fluid from her lungs and giving a few breaths into her mouth and
nose. As they reached the car she had started breathing again so he put her in the passenger side and raced her to the vets. At the vet clinic they couldn't believe that a dog had actually drowned until she threw up all over their counter.  Sparky was put on a drip for 24 hours and recovered completely.  She was pretty well known around Singleton after that and even appeared on our local news channel.

She was very athletic and could jump up on a horse and sit on the front of the saddle when she'd had enough of walking.  When our daughter was born Sparky became her constant companion.  Where Lily was you would always find Sparky.

Sparky lived to a ripe old age of 15 when she succumbed to bladder cancer.  Our family has many happy memories of this wonderful dog and how she won our hearts and got us hooked on the Koolie breed.

Thank you for letting me share this story with you.