These are my Koolies, JC (the brown one) and Boldova. We have just lost Boldova because she got leukaemia. Right up until 2 days before we put her down she was still doing almost everything she always did but she got diarrhoea on a Friday and by Monday we had made a very difficult decision . Why does doing the right thing hurt so much?

Both the dogs were with me 24/7 so the hole that's left is huge and it is going to take a while before I stop crying. But at least I have still got JC and I love her as much as Dova. We got Dova sight unseen almost 13years ago and the breeder couldn't have picked a more perfect pup for us. I want to get another Koolie because I love the breed, it won't be a replacement for Dova, you only get one like her in a life time, but it will be our, JC & my, next best friend.

Every one in the town knows my dogs, we did a 100km walk 2 years ago. Dova and JC did 60km of it with me, they couldn't go through the National Park and people kept asking where they were. I have at least one person every day comment on how well behaved they are because I sit them out side a shop, untied, do what has to be done and they wouldn't move until I came out.

I could go on forever but won't, just this last bit, Dova I love and miss you so much, I know you are still there but I just want to see your bright eyes and touch you again, you'll never be forgotten.

Sue Phfeiffer